Which Team Will Win??!!

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Which Team Will Win??!!

Post by random1 » 28 Nov 2019

I want you guys to think hard about this one!!! In a 6 on 6 match up, which team do you think will win??

Red Team

1. SeekerS
2. Radlax
3. Sviseerd
4. aixan
5. fraus17370
6. Nalla


Blue Team

1. picsouman
2. juliom10
4. stallker
5. joshoyenbeats
6. impossybull
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Re: Which Team Will Win??!!

Post by impossybull » 28 Nov 2019

So I’m definitely the weakest player on my team, but I’d say the blue team would edge out the red team about 7:5
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Re: Which Team Will Win??!!

Post by notatroll » 28 Nov 2019

really hard to tell, would be really interesting to see all these top players come together though in what would be the SW match of the century lmao. no shade intended but juliom10 has semi lost his form recently and impossybull, while good, might not scale perfectly against players like aixan & company. they do have stalker and picsouman and stalker which are players know to be AMAZING even at this level. as stated though youd probably place your bets 50/50 lol
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Re: Which Team Will Win??!!

Post by Reeper » 28 Nov 2019

Im going with blue team cause picsouman + stallker = domination, and juliom10 is hard to find during matches but he does see you and takes you out so blue team will win
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